American Standard’s Fiat business has been sold to GWBD Operations, which is a holding company for PRIER Products and Stern-Williams Products. The same great manufacturing team will continue in their current roles building quality Fiat product.

Material Descriptions


There is not a finer and more durable material for mop basins and shower floors than precast terrazzo. FIAT's mop service basins, composed of black and white marble chips cast in grey Portland cement, and shower bases, composed of black and white marble chips cast in white Portland cement, have a minimum compression strength of 3,000 psi. They are also easy to maintain and install.

Used in FIAT Mop Service Basins and Shower Floors

Molded-Stone® or Sheet Molding Compound (SMC)

Molded-Stone or SMC contains a calcium based material that while being low cost, provides weight, strength, and fire retarding properties. The SMC process permits the use of longer glass fibers, which are placed in a multiple overlap of individual strands to permit total impregnation and wetting-out of the fibers without any fiber degradation that can diminish the strength imparting properties. The more thorough bond of the glass fibers reduces the amount of fibers necessary for maximum strength resulting in both lower weight and a denser, smoother, void-free product.

Used in FIAT Mop Service Basins, Shower Floors and Laundry Tubs


Gelcoat material is made entirely out of fiberglass with a gelcoat surface finish. This gelcoat is a polyester resin on the surface of the fiberglass material. This type of material is affordable and can be repaired easily.

Used in FIAT Shower Floors


Polyethylene is the most common and popular plastic used in daily life. This very versatile material is used in products from water bottles to laundry tubs. FIAT polyethylene laundry tubs are made from high density polyethylene material that is light weight and durable.

Used in FIAT Laundry Tubs