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MSBIDTG2424 24" X 24" Molded Stone Mop Basin To Go

Model(s): MSBIDTG2424
Product Features
* Square, Molded Stone™ mop service basin
* 10" (254mm) deep
* Integral drain is molded into a one piece unit and designed to connect to a 3" drain pipe
* Includes 830AA faucet, 832AA hose and bracket, 889CC mop hanger bracket

Nominal Dimensions:
24" x 24"
Colors & Finishes
  • White. (100) White. (100)
Main Fixtures
  • MSBIDTG2424 - 24" X 24" Molded Stone Mop Service Basin To Go
Optional Components
  • 832AA - Hose/Bracket Combination
    30" (762mm) long, flexible, heavy-duty 5/8" (16mm) cloth reinforced, rubber hose with 3/4" (19mm) chrome coupling and 6" x 3" (152mm x 76mm) stainless steel bracket with rubber grip.
  • 889CC - Mop Hanger Bracket
    Constructed of 22 gauge #304 stainless steel.
  • MSGBRKT - Extra Corner Bracket
    One (1) extra corner bracket.