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LTDII Molded Stone Double Laundry Tub

Model(s): LTDII
Product Features
* Wall-mounted, appliance depth double bowl laundry tub
* Compression Molded Stone™
* Includes hanger, drain assembly, strainers and drain plugs
* Less faucet and supply

Nominal Dimensions:
40" x 24"
Colors & Finishes
  • White. (100) White. (100)
Main Fixtures
  • LTDII - Molded Stone Double Laundry Tub
Optional Components
  • 2727600000 - L7 Hanger
    10-15/16" (278mm) One-piece, durable, metal hanger
  • 2898905000 - LTDII Hardware Package
    Includes: Two (2) drains, two (2) drain plugs, one (1) twin waste pipes, one (1) plastic bracket set, two (2) metal wall brackets, two (2) screw bags and installation instructions
  • A1 - 4" Faucet with CP Blade Handles
    4" (102mm) Centerset, chrome plated, metal constructed faucet with 4" (102mm) blade handles, 6-3/4" (171mm) 360° swing spout, aerator and hose adaptor.
  • A17 - CP Faucet Clamp-On
    Chrome plated faucet with 4"(102mm) blade handles, 8" (203mm) 360° swing spout, angled hose connection for overhead supplies
  • A1CPH - Faucet - Plastic Construction
    4" (102mm) Centerset, chrome plated, plastic constructed faucet with handles, 7-1/2" (191mm) 360° swing spout and aerator
  • A2 - 12" Overflow for MS Tubs
  • A3 - Faucet Block
    5" x 1-1/2" (127mm x 38mm) plastic construction for overhead supplies
  • LAUNDRYTUB - Laundry Tub Repair Kit
    Repairs compression Molded Stone™
  • LTDII - BULKWC100 - Molded Stone Double Laundry Tub- Bulk 20 with Carton
    Model LTDII shipped bulk with cartons. Qty. 20