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Product Care

Gelcoat vs Acrylic

Confused by the differences between gelcoat and Fiat acrylic and the care they require? Learn about the advantages of Fiat acrylic compared to gelcoat including greater durability and stain resistance

Care of Acrylic Bathware

Fiat acrylic products are built to be highly durable and provide many years of service. Help keep your acrylic Fiat product looking new by learning the best cleaning methods and how to restore dull areas.

Cleaning & Care of Terrazzo

Learn how to properly care for Fiat Terrazzo products starting from the time of installation including routine maintenance and various cleaning methods.

Repair Instructions of Molded Stone/Terrazzo

Need to repair your Terrazzo Fiat mop basin or shower floor? Follow these simple steps to create long lasting repairs in Terrazzo and keep your product in service.

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